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Where are we heading as a nation?

Shazia Khan

It is a million dollar question where are we heading as a nation? The leadership we have been experiencing for the last many decades has the same character, though we see change in faces. Analyzing Pakistani history depicts that Military and civilian rulers are alike; they all have worked for their own vested interests and fooled people on one pretext or the other. This is also an important question as to why we could not get sincere and honest leadership. One of the reasons is that people did not strive for it. It is not that honest and sincere people were not available in the country but we did not support them and always preferred the imposed leadership who followed the footsteps for which they were trained. It is high time that we find sincere people from among us and support them. Without supporting new people in the system, we might not be able to change the system.


 Pakistan Social Justice Group (PSJG) efforts are quite impressive that they are primarily advocating social and political justice; undoubtedly, their views are thought provoking for all of us. It is rightly mentioned in the articles that we would not survive, if we do not improve our current ethical standards. I fully agree with the views of PSJG that we do speak very high about good social and political ethics but follow the footsteps of devil.


 It is high time that we all should think that our country would not flourish as a nation unless we promote interests of all citizens and strive for egalitarian society. We must remember that all individual comes in a win-win situation when a nation prospers; win-lose situation (where a few people are benefited and others are not) ultimately ends in lose-lose situation. We are living in modern era where we have easy access to information and it is not difficult for us to learn from the history and experience of other nations. The history of world shows that corrupt and authoritarian leadership cannot lead a nation to the path of progress. The fact is that we need a rule-oriented society where no one takes the power from the backdoor and portray himself as a Messiah for the nation. Nor we need people who want to fool people or break laws on the name of religion. Iraq and Afghanistan are good examples to learn lessons. Iraq destroyed because a selfish dictator wanted to keep power in his ends and they ran away from the scene when time came to test their sincerity and courage. Similarly, Afghanistan devastated because Mullah wanted to promote their vested interests on the name of Islam; during their rule, they hardly introduced any social welfare policy but restrictions.  Iraq and Afghanistan also had win-lose situation but they end up with lose-lose situation as a nation. These two incidents are eye-opener for us. We must remember that only good words will not bring any change but the actual behavior. At this point of time, we must appreciate the fact that we need new leadership, which is not nurtured by military and civil bureaucracy.   Nor are they imposed on us by foreign hands. I think that we should support and promote new people and new organizations in order to find new leadership, which has roots in people.  Statistically, probabilities are more to find honest and sincere leadership when we support new people than the old pals.





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