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Gen. Musharraf claims on the art of running the country

In his interview to BBC, Musharraf asserts that he knows art of running the country’s affairs. He justifies his position as President that it should not be objectionable since a civilian Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto could become Martial Law Administrator in 1972.  According to the spokesman of Pakistan Social Justice Group, Musharraf is habitual of self-praising. The fact is that he has not demonstrated that he has capability to run affairs of the country better than his predecessors. Governing country is not similar as to heading army institution. This is a fact that we have not seen in the modern history that any general in any country could be successful in state and nation building. On the contrary to Musharraf claims, he runs affairs of the country pathetically. If he continues governing country like this it is very likely that people’s resentment would increase, which is not good for the country. He should stop fooling people by praising his actions and actions of past army rulers. Since very first day his rule was not accepted by large majority of people.

Musharraf must remember that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto took the post of Martial Administrator in 1972 under the circumstances when the army and its ruler Yahya Khan lost the war of 1971. The then army generals let him to take the said position since they did not want to take the heat of people of Pakistan on such a humiliating defeat. So, Musharraf must not distort history to legitimize his unconstitutional action.






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