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No room for political parties in Islam

August 21, 2002


Pakistan Social Justice group denounce Punjab’s provincial minister for religious affairs, Dr. Mufti Ghulum Sarwar Qadri assertion, which is published in the daily Nawa-Waqt that political parties are not allowed in Islam. According to him, elections are harmful for the country and political posts should be filled by selection instead of elections. The PSJG considers that interpretation is weird. First, Islam has not favored or disfavor any form of the government. Of course, it was not possible for anyone to challenge leadership of the prophet Hazrat Muhammad since he was messenger of God. The same we find for other prophets that they were not challenged by their followers. However, after his death, people showed their trust on Hazrat Abu Bakar and appointed as the first Khalifa (ruler). Indeed, he was elected unopposed for the position. It is an open fact that Hazrat Muhammad had not even nominated him. Mr. Nadeem Yousaf, Chief Organizer of the group says that if we recall Hazrat Abu Bakar first sermon he clearly told people that they should follow him if he followed the system and work for the welfare of people. This example depicts that Islam supported democracy more than any other form of the government. Mr. Yousaf argues that if elections are harmful for a country, it should be interesting issue to study as to why democratic countries have been progressing more than any non-democratic country. He says that democracy is opposed by only those people who are aware that they cannot be elected in fair elections.






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