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Press Release: 6th May 2003

Prime Minister Jamili invitation for meeting with all political parties on the issue of India-Pakistan's relationship

 Mr. Nadim Yousaf, Chief Organizer of Pakistan Social justice Group appreciated in a press statement that P.M met with leaders of all major political parties to brief them about new development at the official level between India and Pakistan.  He said that it was a very positive and democratic gesture. Such democratic gestures are need of the time.

 Mr. Nadim Yousaf further stated in his statement that leaders from Kashmir, India and Pakistan must sit together to resolve this long-standing conflict in which we lost thousands of precious lives. It is unlikely that the issue would be resolved on the old lines, however, we can find unique solution to the problem. He said that Kashmir issue could be resolved in two ways: (1) the independent and the held Kashmir become territorial part of Pakistan and India, respectively, but we should devise such a method that families of the both Kashmiries could meet with each other without going through a bureaucratic hassle and (2) the second solution is that a new and independent country of Kashmir is created on the map of the world.

 Under the current circumstances, it seems that we are left with only these two above options. Mr. Nadim Yousaf said that it is not possible that everyone would agree with these suggestions, but, being an expert of conflict management, he understands that old conflicts are usually settled with unique solutions to satisfy interests of all parties. He says that if India stick to her claim that Kashmir is an integral part of India and Pakistan keep on demanding that it should be settled according to the UN resolution, the issue might not settle in the next 50 years and blood sheds for nothing.  He added that people of both countries wanted peace. If we hold referendum, a large majority of people would prefer friendship and peace between the two countries than hatred. According to him, A great responsibility also lies on the print and electronic media of both countries to promote friendship and discourage enmity. It is imperative keeping in view the current International politics that Asian countries strengthen their ties with each other in all direction. 





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