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Attack on Mosque in Quetta action against humanity: Paksitan Social Justice group deplores the attack


 It is a sad incident that so many people died in a terrorist attack on the Mosque in Quetta. The Chief Organizer of Pakistan Social Justice Group (PSJG), Mr. Nadeem Yousaf says that Pakistan is not a country like Palestine where people need to follow the suit of suicidal attacks to achieve political goals.

Those who participate in such aggressive activities and consider themselves as martyrs of any cause, they are totally wrong. He appeals to the participants of such activities that they should not act upon the irrational advice of their leaders. Whether or not the act is made to divert or draw attention of people, it is illegitimate act in both cases. Mr.Yousaf says, it is a despicable act; whosoever behind it must feel ashamed.

 In his further comments on the event, he says, that Musharraf should act to promote harmony in the country instead of curbing opposition. Pakistan will never be able to fight successfully against terrorist forces without the help of opposition. It is not enough to please bosses of other countries; more important is that he should satisfy and convince people of this country and follow the constitution. It is a utopian idea that one person or a bureaucratic institution can resolve problems of this country. Mr. Yousaf says that only more democracy and following constitution of the country in true sprit is the only solution to resolve existing problem.






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