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PPPP Nisar requests USA to Intervene

(modified version is published in the Daily Times, 20 June, 2003)

Nadeem Yousaf


Provincial President of People’s Party Mr. Nisar Ahmed has requested in a press conference that USA must play role in restoring real democracy in Pakistan. It is a irresponsible requests and such requests could have negative results. In the past, we have seen that politicians used to make such requests to the Chief of Army staff. We have experienced that army chiefs took it as a pretext to overthrow the civilian rule. It seems that our politician have not learnt from the history. Why should America instruct us to restore real democracy? 


 Another important issue is as to why Pakistani politicians make such requests to the outside bodies. One of the reasons is that our political leadership does not want to face hardships. They want to eat cake but do not want to take pain of preparing the cake. They also want to grab top political posts without any effort like our generals of the army. When shall our leadership take lesson from the international leaders such as South Africa’s Nelson Mandela or Burma’s Suu Kyi? Nelson Mandela spent years in jail for his mission and Aung San Suu Kyi has been facing hardships for years to restore real democracy in Myanmar (Burma). Mr. Nisar must be assured that the international community will pay attention when politicians will do some sacrifice for the cause. Instead of requesting USA to restore real democracy, politicians like Nisar should contact people of Pakistan but they would not - because they know quite well that people will not mobilize on their call. If they want people support in restoring real democracy, they have to prove first that they have changed their attitude towards politics, democracy and people. They have to pledge that they will follow professional ethics of politics and values of democracy whenever real democracy is restored in Pakistan.


17 June, 2003


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