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Pakistan's Army, feudal lords and capitalist class has never let the democracy and social justice system to prosper to prosper in Pakistan. Pakistan Junta is more to blame because the dictator on the behest of military institution ruled the country for years. Auyb and Yahya Khan brought injustice in the system and served interests of the elites so that they remain in rule. Zia introduced the elements in the system who are involved in the terrorist attacks all over the country. Musharraf gift is that system steeped in corruption and militants promoted.

It is strange that we expect rapid change whenever civil forces take the rein of control. What is happening against the current PPP government, junta is behind it. PSJG is not a supporter of PPP but accepts that they gain the power through legitimate way and should complete their tenure. 

Economic and social crises has been increasing in the country. We all are part of current corruption. Instead of controlling corrupt people, we desire to be like them. If a nation has such an attitude, can she develop. No way.


Geo Biased

Pakistan social justice Group does not have any specific affiliation with Asif Zardari, however, it is no harm in accepting that the Jung Group for its own vested interest running after Zardari, though, he came to power through front door.Dr. Shahid Masood has been for the 8 months doing program against him as he (Zardari) is the only corrupt person sitting in the corridors of authority. It is a complete stunt of GEO and Shahid that "mera mutabiq" was closed to run from Dubai by the Zardari government. There are many other talk shows discuss Zardari government negatively, why were they not stopped!


Disappointed by Judiciary

Behavior of judiciary enhancing this perception that it is working with junta behind the door. In fact, the current judiciary is a product of NRO. If there was no NRO, can one imagine that Musharraf had restored this judiciary?  If army once again invaded and captures the power, judiciary must take the blame.

Remember, you can only eliminate rule of corrupt Zardari and Nawaz by continuing the process of democracy. If democracy derails once again on any pretext by the invaders (army), they will become once again become heroes. Let give the chance to people to remove them from politics either by elections or long-marches.  If people have a bit of sense they will never elect people sons and nephews of these big guns.

Mr. Nadeem Yousafsays that Pakistan’s civil and military rulers and elites have been plundering this country since independence. They have always been claiming that they are pious and others are corrupt. Military ruler assertion is completely wrong. The fact is that country’s condition has been deteriorating under all regimes. Today, Pakistan is standing at extremely dangerous and appalling point where there is a genuine fear that the country might vanish from the map of the world if corrective measures are not taken. Therefore, Mr.Yousaf invites all sincere & honest people to join  hands together to save their motherland from further destruction


The ruling and elite class never promoted concept of Social Democracy which includes following characteristics

  • Egalitarian society where all get opportunity to rise;

  • A society without strong class system ;

  • Policies and programs to reduce unemployment ;

  • Welfare Society: Old age pension, unemployed benefits and medical health schemes ;

  • Respect of labor irrespective of their level of education;

  • Respect of  people irrespective of their family background.

They never promoted

  • Culture of honesty;

  • Honest and Independent Judiciary;

  • Patriotic society where interests of collectivity are supreme;

  • Rule orientation;

  • Constitution is considered a sacred document;

  • Religious tolerance;

  • Honest civil and military bureaucracy, which act within their domains; 

  • Military finds no room in politics;

  • High standard Public sector education ;

  • Provincial integration;

  • Acceptance of  Pusto, Baluchi, Panjabi and Sindhi as official languages along with Urdu;

  • Independent Foreign policy.

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